Lara Trump blasted the Biden administration for “weaponizing the judicial system against Americans” after the Justice Department announced it would investigate parents across the country for threats the National Schools Boards Association (NSBA) has equated to forms of domestic terrorism. Trump appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday arguing parents are reasonably concerned about the indoctrination of children in the nation, and they are “fed up” with government overreach relating to mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and critical race theory. 


LARA TRUMP: It’s a really scary place to find ourselves in America. … This is the weaponization of the judicial system against Americans and completely unjustly. Americans, and particularly parents, are absolutely fed up right now with what they see happening to our children in schools. They’re fed up with the mask mandates. They’re fed up with the critical race theory, with the indoctrination of our children, to hate our country, to hate one another, they’re fed up with, in some places, vaccine mandates for their children to even be able to attend school. It seems like there’s zero focus on actually making sure that our children are proficient in reading and math and things that can further their future.

But what you heard from the Justice Department there, is that they don’t care what you have to say. They are happy to indoctrinate our children. They are happy to tell parents that they are domestic terrorists for taking an interest in our children’s education, in our most precious commodity, the children of America. Where were these people last summer when cops were being assaulted? If you want to go after people, how about cops that were murdered? How about complete and entire cities that were destroyed? Those are the domestic terrorists, not parents who want to make sure that their children are receiving an education that they agree with. It seems completely normal to think that parents would want to do that. 

Source: FoxNews

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